Check here often for information about tournaments at Bel-Air Bowl and St. Clair Bowl.

  • October 27-29 daytime McKendree Women NCAA at St. Clair Bowl.
  • November 25-26 daytime National Team Challenge at both centers.
  • December 2  Trio County IL 40 Frame Doubles at Bel-Air.  Details soon.
  • December 2 Holiday Doubles Warm-Up at St. Clair.  Contact Jerry Anderson.
  • December 9 daytime Southern Illinois High school Invitational at Bel-Air.
  • December 10 daytime NBT All Star Tournament at St. Clair Bowl.
  • December 15, 2017 Senior 9-Pin Tournament at Bel-Air.  Contact Jessica.
  • December 15-17 Holiday Doubles at St. Clair Bowl.  Jerry Anderson is contact.  Wait list is growing.
  • December 17 Holiday Doubles Redemption Tournament at Bel-Air.  Dale Strom is contact.
  • December 30 Panther Boys Team Challenge all day at St. Clair.
  • January 1, 2018 New Year’s Day Tournament at St. Clair Bowl.  FLIER HERE.   Call Shoppe for info 618-589-9259.
  • January 6 Girls’ Panther Invitational all day at St. Clair.
  • January 26-27  IHSA Boys’ State Finals at St. Clair.
  • January 28 HS Boys Singles at St. Clair.
  • February 3-4 daytime McKendree Baker at both centers.
  • February 18 daytime 700 Club Tournament at Bel-Air.
  • February 24, 2018 Cystic Fibrosis Bowl for Breath Scotch Doubles at Bel-Air from 3pm-???
  • March 4 daytime 700 Club High School Top 24 at Bel-Air.  Closed event.
  • March 9-11 Singles and ITC Sectionals all day at St. Clair.
  • March 17 daytime SIJHSAA State Finals all day at St. Clair.
  • March 17-18 daytime Youth Storm Roto Grip Regional at Bel-Air.  Closed event.
  • April 15 daytime Youth MYST Tournament at Bel-Air.

For more tournament information, try these links:

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